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Track ‘n Trade LIVE!
The Ultimate Live Futures Trading Platform
Track ‘n Trade LIVE FUTURES is Gecko Software’s flagship LIVE trading platform! (Six Time Stocks & Commodities Magazines Annual Reader’s Choice Award Winning Platform!) Designed for the visual investor.  If you are interested in having a sophisticated trading package designed by traders for traders using the latest technology, with plug-in upgrade technology, then Track ‘n Trade may just be what you’ve been looking for. Slide to the bottom of this page to take a FREE 14-day trial today, no credit card required.
Control Panel Tabs
Trading Tab, Account Summary, Drag ‘n Drop Orders
Trading Tab This tab was designed for extremely fast order execution, with very fast, drag ‘n drop one click entry and exit order placement.  Mini Accounting: Keeping tabs on your trading account, without having to waste time scrolling through accounting windows is key to your success, track your most important accounting info in the mini-accounting window.  OCO & OTO Orders:Drag ‘n Drop multiple orders (One-Cancels-Other, and One-Triggers-Other) directly on the chart, simultaneously. Drag ‘n Drop Orders: Track ‘n Trade was the first to invent on-chart drag ‘n drop visual order placement tools back in 1998.  On chart drag ‘n drop orders allow you to visualize the movement of the market against your order position.  Visualizing your order position allows you to actually see your risk vs. reward ratio in direct correlation with the movement of the market.
Drag ‘n Drop Options Orders Now Includes ‘Weekly’ Options!
Drag ‘n Drop Options: A completely new and revolutionary method of trading options.  Once again, Track ‘n Trade breaks the traditional mold and provides you with a graphical way of visually representing options orders directly on the chart, directly in relationship to the price chart Strike Prices: Trading tab table provides put and call strike price columns for quick and easy reference of option prices.  Color coding highlights at-the-money options, and selected strike prices.
Autopilot, Fully Automated, Semi-Automatic, or Manual Trading
Autopilot Trading: A brand new way of programming your very own automated trading system.  Elegant Graphical User Interface: Autopilot has been designed to help you design your own automated trading system without the need to be a programmer.  Track ‘n Trade has the ability: TnT can follow a complex set of trading rules that you define through the Autopilot Plug-in control panel.  Let Track ‘n Trade take over: TnT has perfectly timed order execution capabilities, timed by the market price action.  Let TnT’s order management systems move your stop loss orders, place your limit orders, and send you text and email message updates to keep you informed of all it’s activities.* Q-Calc Buttons: Quick-Calculation buttons, if your computer is truly a computer, then why not ask it to tell you what the best settings are?  With Track ‘n Trade that’s exactly what you can do.  Simply tell the Track ‘n Trade to tell you what have been the most profitable settings over any given historical time-period.*  Trading Strategies: Simple, or complex trading strategies can both be handled with ease by Track ‘n Trade’s Autopilot Plug-in.  Simply select the trading parameters, and let Track ‘n Trade handle the rest.  Powerful Back-Testing: Historical Monti-Carlo back testing capabilities let you and Track ‘n Trade dial in the most optimal settings for any trading system.  No programming required.*
Chart, Time & Trend Management
Chart Manager: Selected chart and customizable time frames. Chart Profit & Loss: Each commodity is listed here with its corresponding profit or loss, on open trades. Bullish, Bearish, Neutral: Trend indication, pulled from our famed Bulls ‘n Bears Indicator, gives a quick “at-a-glance look at market trend for each corresponding time frame.*
Control Panel Chart / Indicator / Tools Settings Tabs Popular Plug-Ins To Track ‘n Trade.
Bulls ‘n Bears: Bulls ‘n Bears Plug-in is our proprietary flagship plug-in, where our own in-house scientists, designers, traders, mathematicians and programmers work in their own private playground to provide you with the best of the best indicator models they’ve produced. Advantage Lines: Blue Arrows come from our proprietary Advantage Lines indicator, which is a hybrid moving average system that uses short-term mathematical price model manipulation to significantly reduce whipsaw, while still providing early entry signals.  Only available through the Bulls ‘n Bears Plug-in. Bulls ‘n Bears: Before winning a place within the Bulls ‘n Bears Formula drop-down, each indicator formula must pass a high standard test of excellence. Advantage Lines: A proprietary indicator designed by Trading Veteran, Mr. Lan Turner, a system that in all our back-testing can only be beaten, on occasion, by his other proprietary trading systems included within the Bulls ‘n Bears Plug-in.* Preferences: Although the Bulls ‘n Bears exact formulas are a proprietary secret, it is obvious to see the relationship between Fibonacci projections outlined in green, retracements identified in red, and 61.8 through 38.2 highlighted in yellow.  By implementing the BnB technology, much of the Fibonacci & Elliott Wave math is automatically done for you. (See for yourself in the 14-day free trial.) Combining Technologies: By combining the knowledge of traders that came before us, with current computer technology, and the Bulls ‘n Bears proprietary formulas, we can meld the two worlds of experience and performance into a single streamlined proprietary plug-in.
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Video Demonstration
See With Your Own Eyes, The Power Of Track ‘n Trade!
This video is for demonstration purposes only, there is risk of loss when trading Stocks, Futures, Forex.*
Button Bar: On-chart, technical analysis markup tools, and calculators, including Fibonacci, Elliott Wave and Many more... Full Featured Accounting Window: Track your real-money trades, as the world turns, manage your trades all in one central location, easy to manage. Indicator Windows: Includes dozens & dozens of the best proven technical indicators with highly accurate, customizable, buy/sell signals, for better decision making. Chart Time Frame Controls: Access multiple, user definable, chart times from a single button bar click, which allowing multi-chart screen views to share multiple times, 5min, 10min, 15min, etc... (Any 1 minute increment.) Plus, Range & Volume bars! Multi-Chart View: View multiple charts simultaneously, or view one chart at a time for maximum price action monitoring capabilities. Accounting: Slide to hide! Tic-By-Tic: Tic chart, watch the bid-&-ask, tic by tic! Mini-Account: Running account balances, totals, at risk, profits, and margins. Trade Buttons: Extremely fast, one-click trade buttons, drag ‘n drop multiple orders, on-screen, simultaneously. Chart: Completely user definable, customizable  look & feel. Tabbed Control Panel: Monitor the market, place orders, and change settings ‘on-the-fly’ for each tool, indicator, and chart; the panel does not ‘pop-on-top’ and cover up the chart. Control Panel: Slide to hide! Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures
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Track ‘n Trade LIVE Futures & Forex Trading Platform Gecko Software’s flagship live Futures trading platform designed for the visual investor.  Drag ‘n Drop order tools, oscillating indicators, options, spreads, Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, COT, and much, much more... Free trial includes two weeks free access to Track ‘n Trade’s Bulls ‘n Bears, Red Light, Green Light  Plug-in. Take a free two week trial today, no credit card required.